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Mr. Stick's Story 

From late-night diners to faraway harbors, Mr. Stick’s was a traveling butter stick. He trotted the globe, sampling the best of the best of flavorful food, until he eventually settled in a dive bar by the sea. There, he made a name for himself, singing karaoke hits like “Free Butter” by Lynyrd Butterd, “Butter Back” by Justin Butterlake, and (a crowd favorite) “Fight for your Butter” by Butterie Boys.

But, the bar eventually grew tired of him only ever paying his tab with butter.

So, he returned home to pursue an education, enrolling in Butter University (an institution that actually does accept butter as payment). There, he studied the fine details of deliciousness. By graduation, he’d learned to balance the subtle nuances of RESTAURANT-LEVEL FLAVOR with the party-ready singalongs of everyone’s favorite tunes.

This drove the masses to his music-filled home where he welcomed them with barrels of butter, whisking in ALL-NATURAL seasonings by the pound. People arrived with their seafood, their steak, their pancakes, and anything that could possibly taste amazing with CHARLESTON-MADE QUALITY seasoning. But, what they left with… was a happy tune. And a perfectly good time.

Mr. Stick’s is all about everyday indulgence. 

Our first flavor, the original Lemon & Garlic seasoning, is a perfectly balanced blend of tart and tasty that’s equally inspired by no-frills shacks and fancy spots. Then we thought, why stop there? After all, everything’s better with butter. Our two new flavors, the steakhouse-inspired Herb & Garlic and the bakery-inspired Cinnamon & Sugar, bring that same kind of restaurant-quality flavor to your table at any meal. 

Here are some of our favorite ways to butter things up:

  • Our first flavor, Lemon & Garlic, is a satisfying, subtly flavored addition to melted butter that complements the fresh, briny taste of fish, shrimp, lobster, crab legs and more. 
  • For more than mornings, Cinnamon & Sugar is a satisfying mix that makes the best of butter. Spread it on a muffin, pour it over French toast, or dab a bit on bacon. 
  • With Herb & Garlic, it doesn't matter if you’re grilling for a group or enjoying a savory snack, this rich seasoning makes butter even better. Try it on steak, chicken or fish. Toss it on potatoes or take croutons for a dip.

For the foodie who knows things are better with butter, Mr. Stick’s is the game-changing flavor hack that upgrades any dish in less than a minute.

Add confidently to any meal, because Mr. Stick’s is always:

  • Made in small batches for big flavor
  • Made in America
  • MSG-free
  • Free of artificial colors and flavors 
  • Preservative-free