Steak Master Trends to Watch in 2022

steak on a plate with mr. sticks original just add butter steakhouse seasoning compound butter and green beans

2021 came and went. With it there was lots of grilling, frying, and smoking meat experimentation. But in 2022, the world of tomahawks and hanger steaks is heading to new heights, here are the trends in grilling that are sure to take off in the new year.

1. Cooking in international waters

Let’s face it, we’re all spending a little more time than we would like in our homes. Of course, that also means more time in the kitchen to get adventurous with your favorite recipes. Alternative methods of cooking are getting even more popular and 2022 is sure to be the year of slow cooking. Air fryers are out, the sous vide french method of cooking is in. It can take up to four hours to properly cook steak sous vide but if you’ve got the patience and the time the tenderness and flavor will blow you out of the kitchen.

2. Skipping the store

Long lines, empty shelves, and limited selections mean 2022 will finally be the year people rethink the grocery shopping experience. From now on the real-at-home chefs are reclining on the couch dreaming up delicious recipes while the finest cuts of prime meat on the market are shipped right to their door. It’s 2022 after all, why waste time in the store when you can spend that valuable time doing the things that matter. Like discovering the perfect ratio between garlic and cream to make the most savory compound butter possible.

3. Blend it Up

We’ve all been around the block with the usual medley of spices when it comes to steak seasonings. Typically that means emptying out your whole spice cabinet just to sprinkle out a dash of each seasoning. It’s a hassle for home cooks everywhere but this year it’s going out for good. Getting your spices in a blend melds the flavors together into a perfect swirl of flavor and it opens the door to new dimensions of creative cooking. Don’t worry about doing all the precise measurements yourself, we’ve taken care of it with our very own Mr. Stick’s Steakhouse blend. Forget about the spice drawer, for now, we’ve got it covered.

4. Limited supplies, unlimited creativity

If you’ve noticed the fridge at the butcher getting a little light, you’re not alone and it’s probably not going away anytime soon. Chefs are getting creative with their recipes and maximizing every aspect of a meal. Instead of a steak loaded with sides as far as the eye can see, chefs, restaurants, and average joes in the kitchen are going to squeeze every last bit of flavor out of their entrees. Ribeyes aren’t getting cheaper, but if you treat ‘em right they will carry your dinner on the backs of their fatty, bone-in goodness.

Strap in for another savory year of steak experimentation. Chefs from studio apartments to high-end steakhouses are all getting creative with their prep, ingredients, and recipes. Don’t be afraid to jump on these trends while the train is still in the station, you don’t want to get left behind.