Seafood Shears 101

When it comes to seafood dishes, a clean, smooth and mess-free dining experience is as important as the taste. With Mr. Stick's Original Seafood Shears, you can get all that and more - these aren't your average kitchen shears. Whether you're enjoying crab legs, langoustines, shrimp, or lobster, this versatile tool can seamlessly cut through hard and stubborn shells, letting you focus on savoring your seafood.

Crab Legs

For cutting crab legs, insert the cutting blade into the furthest end and cut toward you.

Lobster Tails

For lobster tails, start at the end of the tail and cut toward you. Then, flip and repeat as many times as needed to unlock that deliciousness.  



You can also use the grips to crack extra stubborn shells and remove slippery claws. For cutting claws, insert the blade into the opening and cut toward you from top to bottom. Then, reposition the blade and cut across the claw.



As a bonus, you can use the grips of the shears as a bottle opener.  So, crack open a cold one to enjoy with whatever seafood feast you've got on your table!