New Year. New You. New Steak Hack.

a full dinner spread on a white table cloth with steak and Mr. Sticks Steakhouse seasoning herb and garlic


The calendar has turned once again, 2022 is here and it’s not going anywhere. We’ve all got our resolutions for the year lined up. Maybe you want to read more, go on more trips or get more sleep, but no list is complete without a few culinary goals as well. There’s no doubt you’ve been slathering extra butter on those biscuits, cranking out Mr. Stick’s all over your seafood, and dousing your breakfast in cinnamon goodness. It’s a new year now, so it’s time we take that a step further and invite Mr. Sticks into the meat cellar. Here are a few hacks to make your filet the talk of the table.

Butter, butter, and a little more butter

It doesn’t matter if you’re frying, broiling, or grilling, when it comes to finishing your steaks the right way you can never have too much butter. A stack of fresh creamy butter on top of your steak will get to work fast and have that protein popping with flavor in no time. And as it sizzles its way into the sirloin your steak will also develop a nice crispy top that gives it just a hint of sophistication and a heaping of tantalizing texture.

Throw out your old marinade

Worcester sauce, maybe a little mustard, and some boring spices. It’s the backbone of every simple steak marinade and it’s time we switch it up. For the liquid, reach for something a little outside the box like yogurt which tenderizes your meat in ways you won’t believe or get even weirder and drown that baby in some sparkling water. The acidity of the sparkling water will have your steak just begging to fall off the bone, without drying it out like traditional methods might. And when it comes to spices there’s no better place to look than right here at Mr. Sticks. Our new steakhouse seasoning is simmering up with enough flavor to save any steak, no matter the marinade.

Grab a Kiwi and Be Brave

Kiwi, yes kiwis, those green, hairy little fruits are the secret to unlocking your steaks. Not only are they bursting at the seams with their own tart goodness, but those signature green juices will tenderize your meat like never before. We could go on about enzymes and actinidin but all you really need to know is these little guys will kick your steaks up a notch. Just scoop out the fruit, rub those tender insides against your choice of prime red meat and taste the magic.

No matter what time of year it is, it’s always steak season. And the new year is the best time to get a little crazy in the kitchen. So grab your Stick’s steakhouse seasoning, fire up that cast iron skillet and go to town on the closest hunk of protein you can find.