Life-Changing Tips for Breakfast Classics

delicious homemade waffles with Mr. Sticks Just Add Butter Cinnamon and Sugar Breakfast Seasoning on a Marble table


We all love those morning time staples. Waffles, bacon, eggs and grits, but sometimes the classics just aren’t cutting it anymore. That’s where Mr. Stick’s comes in. We’ve got a murderer’s row of tasty tips that will turn even the most boring breakfast into a lineup of breakfast delights drowning in flavor. 

Waffles- Pop ‘Em in The Oven

  • So you’ve measured your ingredients, mixed your batter, cooked your waffles and now it’s time to… cook them again? I know it may seem redundant at first, but throwing those waffles in the oven for just a few minutes after they’re done makes all the difference in the world. The arid heat will help crispen the outsides of your waffles leaving a nice crunchy finish to contrast with those fluffy insides. 

Bacon- Sweeten It Up

  • Bacon is an undisputed breakfast classic, and it’s easy to make too. Sometimes the natural savory flavor of bacon is enough, and sometimes you want just a little bit more. That’s where we come in. Next time you’re frying up some bacon, try adding a little Mr. Stick’s Breakfast Seasoning to each strip. The combination of flavors will have your taste buds doing backflips. 

Eggs- Just Add Butter

  • Whether you take them fried, scrambled or poached there is always room for eggs on the plate in the morning. We were all taught at a young age to put some oil on the pan so the eggs don’t stick, but we’re gonna let you in on a little known secret. Butter is better. Especially when it comes to eggs, frying your eggs in butter will make for a fluffier and tastier finished product. Just see for yourself!

Grits- Let Those Cows Come Home

  • Grits are a sure fire staple in the south, but we’re here to spread the good news across the country. These delicious breakfast time grains are so versatile you can throw just about anything in them and watch the magic happen. Our personal pick is dairy; whatever dairy you can find just mix it in. Whether you boil them in cream or finish them with butter and cheese you cannot go wrong adding a little pasteur to your grits.