Four Ways to Level Up Your Boxed Pancakes

stack of pancakes with maple syrup with Mr. Sticks Just Add Butter Cinnamon and Sugar Breakfast Seasoning and blueberries on a white background 

Few things are easier at breakfast time than boxed pancakes. Just add water and you’re right on your way! But for all their convenience, sometimes boxed pancakes just fall flat. Whether it's too dense or too watery, too sweet or too bitter, it sometimes feels like you’re better off just going out next time you want good flapjacks. Well, fear not! The best pancakes can still be made right out of the box, all it takes is a few tips from your friends here at Mr. Stick’s and you’ll be enjoying fluffier, tastier pancakes in no time. 

  • Crack an Egg
    • Adding some dairy of any sort to your pancake mix will give it an instant boost of flavor and nutrition. We recommend adding one egg to every one cup of mixture. It will give your batter a little more substance and a whole lot more fluff. 
  • Just Add Butter
    • We here at Mr. Stick’s know a thing or two about butter. It goes on or in just about anything and that includes pancakes. The next time you’re in the kitchen getting busy, try melting a tablespoon of butter and adding it to your mixture. Butter helps fluff up your mixture while also bringing out the buttery flavor of homemade pancakes without the hassle. 
  • Bring the Baking Powder
    • Boxed pancakes come with a little bit of baking powder mixed in to help that batter rise. At Mr. Stick’s, we’re usually very generous with our portions, but baking powder is an exception. You only need a pinch added to your mixture to see a huge difference. Any more than that and you’ll run the risk of chalky pancakes that will have to be doused in syrup to fix… on second thought maybe that’s not such a bad thing. 
  • Top it Off Right
    • The last and most important tip on making any boxed pancake recipe better, the finishing touches, of course. No matter what you put into the batter beforehand, what comes after is always gonna be a difference-maker. The syrup is a classic. But we recommend something a little more interesting. Pick up a bottle of our new Breakfast Seasoning to really turn up the flavor. You can sprinkle it right onto your breakfast or mix it with butter to make a delightful mixture that is dripping with cinnamon and sugar. 

There ya have it! Four tips that will take your boxed pancake experience to brand new heights. Next time someone in the house comes calling for pancakes, tell ‘em you got it and wow them with all your new tricks. We’re pretty sure they’ll notice the difference and so will you. 

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