Four Ways to do Thanksgiving Breakfast Right


plate of pancakes garnished like a turkey with apples and bananas and Mr.Sticks Breakfast Seasoning with Cinnamon and Sugar


It’s a holiday where breakfast isn’t given a fair shake. And, frankly, that’s not alright. We love football, beer, lunch, dinner, and shopping as much as the next American, but there’s no reason breakfast shouldn’t butter up the day. So, here’s four ways to get the Thanksgiving food train going the right way. 

Go Light

Breakfast can still be a star without stealing the show. If you’re putting the work in for a feast later, there’s no need to stuff yourself too early. So, fill those fruit bowls, sizzle the crepes, and keep the pancakes light and fluffy. And don’t be afraid of a little superfood. With the imminent turkey-induced lethargy fast approaching, a little kick of nutrient energy from berries and dark leafy greens certainly won’t hurt.

Go Different 

We love Thanksgiving for its tradition. You know what you’re going to get and there’s a comfort to that. And while that's worth celebrating, it also gives your breakfast food room to stand out. You don’t even have to go that crazy, just a touch. A deconstructed omelet. A surprise ingredient in the pancakes. A healthy slathering of the world’s first Just-Add-Butter Breakfast Seasoning. Anything to serve as a conversation point when you slide the plate in front of your family and friends.

Go Easy 

If you plan on packing the pressure cooker full of flavor later, or anything related to Thanksgiving kitchen duty, the reality is that you’ve likely got a lot to do. So shoot for quality over quantity at breakfast with delicious ingredients that can turn into a meal with just three or four steps. Pace out the culinary goodness of the day and you’ll be bound to win the race.

Go Groovy 

It’s a holiday. Treat it like one. Mr. Stick’s won’t judge you for mimosas and loud music in the morning — paired with some heartfelt, if not highly unskilled, dance moves. Because if your food is standing out, then why shouldn’t you? 


However you kick off the day, we know it will be a good one regardless. Here at Stick’s we’re grateful for all the things that make us different — and that’s flavor, friends, and family. So here‘s to yours. Happy Thanksgiving.