Everything You Need for a Seafood Feast

crab legs and seafood boil with melted butter and mr sticks seafood seasoning lemon and garlic


Bringing the whole crew together for a big dinner always makes for a crackin’ good time, but we all get tired of the usual potluck after a while. Why not switch things up with some saltwater classics and invite your friends and family for a seafood feast! Any evening of hosting can be intimidating, so we’re here to help with a few pro tips to make the night go as smooth as a day on the beach.

The Main Attraction

They don’t call it a Seafood boil for nothin’. It’s all about the main dish. Whether you’re doing a Carolina/Georgia style medley boil or more of an Eastern Shore style crab feast you have to provide the best the ocean has to offer. Get ‘em fresh at your nearest seafood market and don’t be afraid to adventure when you’re in the kitchen. A good tip to remember is when you’re working with seafood you can never use too much seasoning.

The Supporting Cast

The claws, clams, and crustaceans may be the stars of the show, but it wouldn’t be much of a feast without a myriad of mouthwatering fixins on the table. Consider getting things started with a little appetizer dip to start. Spinach artichoke dip is the creamy character at the dinner party that everyone is dying to meet. During the meal, a basket of thick-cut french fries with your favorite seasoning goes perfectly next to the seafood of your choosing. If you’re in the mood for something a little fresher, corn on the cob’s sweet crunch is a match made in heaven with the savory flavor of crab legs. Whatever you pair with the main course just remember to watch those flavor combos and don’t be afraid to experiment with it. 

A Good Toolbox

Inside every good crab claw is a stringy, juicy tendon of flavor, but getting it isn’t always easy. Hours of difficult, messy crackin’ can be curbed with just a couple of tools that make a world of difference. You’ll wanna start with a bib. The juice is a signature element of any seafood meal, but let’s make sure it’s only dribbling down your chin and not staining your favorite party shirt. A hammer, a couple of crackers, and some seafood shears will make splitting those claws a little easier. And cocktail forks for all your guests will help them scavenge for each little morsel.

Something to Wash it Down 

Leaving your guests parched without a cool beverage is a high-crime party foul. While it's obvious that drinks are a must, picking the right one can be a little more challenging. It’s best to provide a medley of choices, one for each variety of seafood. Clams go well with German brews, crabs are made for domestic ones, and crawfish pairs nicely with any American pale ale. Seafood boils are a southern affair at heart. Even if it’s not up your alley, a pitcher of sweet tea or Arnold Palmer makes for the perfect thirst-quencher. To avoid any extra messy evenings be sure to come through with lots of water too. 

The Finishing Touches

Every step of the process is important so don’t fumble the ball at the goal line; make sure you finish off your feast with all the best tidings. We recommend a dish of melted butter, with a heavy sprinkling of Mr. Stick's mixed in of course. Take your seafood for a spin in that delicious mixture and you’ll immediately be coming back for more. For quick disposal and an easy clean-up, leave trash cans near every guest’s seat. While you’re at it with the cleaning supplies, don’t forget to keep the paper towels and wet wipes close by. Remember, when it comes to cracking claws, the messier the better.