Cheesy Potato Gratin


cheesy potato gratin side dish valentines dinner mr sticks herb and garlic

In case you need even more proof that cheese and potatoes together are magical, we present this decadent-yet-elegant gratin. We're always looking to bring a restaurant-quality dinner to your doorstep and this is sure to impress your date. 

It’s quite remarkable how so few ingredients can make something so irresistible. But actually, it’s pretty hard to go wrong when Mr. Stick's, potatoes, cream and cheese are involved. It's practically impossible to dislike.

Making potato gratin is also really easy. We thinly slice the potatoes, toss with cream, spices, and two cheese varieties. In order to let the edges become super crispy, we arrange them upright in a baking dish, instead of layering them flat as in a classic gratin. We add all of the excess cream/cheese mixture and bake, covered with aluminum foil, for about an hour.